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Ultimate Subaru is your one stop shop to everything about Subaru. We cover the cars, the history, the modifications, the news and all the offshoot products that Subaru have their eyes on. Have you ever owned a Subaru product and want to know more answers about how to be utilize it or how to modify it to suit your needs, then we are here to help.

Subaru is part of the Japanese conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries which in turn has Toyota as it’s largest shareholder. It was first founded in 1953 by Kenji Kita and Chikuhei Nakajima. They are best regarded for their unique engines ¬†and Symmetrical All Wheel Drive drive-train layouts in their cars. As a Subaru owner myself now for over 25 years I know how many dedicated Subaru lovers are out there and just waiting to find more info for their products.

The name itself comes from the Pleiades star cluster, or at least the Japanese translation of it, called “The Seven Sisters”. However, a keen eye will observe there are only 6 stars on the logo. This is because the fables goes that one of the sisters is in fact invisible. The logo also alludes to when Fuji Heavy Industries and Subaru merged.

Their products are made all over the world, namely in Japan, but also in Canada, the Philippines, the UK and the United States. Many would also know the brand for their success in the Motorsports industry. The World Rally Championships is a famous dirt road race that Subaru often do very well in and have many trophies with many different teams and drivers in the race.

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