Subaru Roadtrip with the Smoker

Subaru’s a great for a road trip and we have been on many ourselves over the years with different models of Subarus. What’s great about it is the amount of space available to fit anything you need to bring with you. Personally, I have the best propane smoker money can buy and it’s hard not to leave it at home when going on a field trip that may involve a really big cook up.

The smoker I have can fit about 4 shelves of meat and what I love about it is how it slowly cooks the meat and gives it that smokey taste at the end. If you have ever smoked meat before you will know that the time and preparation to make sure that all conditions are right does mean that you are almost cooking for 24 hours beforehand. Although, if you are organised with your spices and know how to cut the meat correctly, you can reduce this time a little.

The smoker fits neatly into the back of the Impreza with ease (that’s including the gas bottle too). When we arrive at the destination, I fire her up, throw in the meat I’ve prepared earlier and in a matter of a couple of hours we are ready to eat. I can highly recommend brisket or ribs as they taste best when put through the smoker.

What’s even better is the Subaru is really easy to handle with the mess. The boot is especially decked out with a plastic lining to ensure cleaning up any spilled grease or off running liquid is really easy.

Think about picking up a Subaru Impreza for your next on the road picnic trip and also take the time to research smokers too. It could be your next winning combination for a great day out.


Author: Max Hinck

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