Subaru Taking Mower Engines By Storm

Ryobi has found anew way sell more mowers as it partners up with Subaru to create some powerful ways to mow the lawn. If you love that smell of the petrol as your mow and have an appreciation for a greatly outperforming mower then you are reading the right article. As the alliance between these two large companies has created something truly special. Not only that, there is also rumors that Ryobi and Subaru are teaming up in the near future for a shot at making the best zero turn mower on the market.

We will cover this in more detail but to summarize it for you now, when you set your eyes on this mower you will immediately see the power and quality filled to the brim. The engine sits quite noticeably on top of the mower, probably a little larger than your average engine for this type of job. The 190cc model is the most recognisable of the batch which is a 4 stroke motor that has an overhead cam attached. You will be cutting that grass with 2500 revs per minutes providing a whooping 11.2Nm of torque. Lets just say that your grass will not stand a chance if this bad boy gets near it.

The mower itself has a 460mm cutting deck which is then combined to a mulching function. So the quicker it cuts that grass, the sooner it will catch it. This is also a great size cutting deck that is bound to fit through all gates necessary.

The next generation of Subaru engines are bound to be designed for the zero turn radius mower system where the engine is underneath the seat and to the rear of the mower. This will mean that Subaru will be focusing on an world class ventilation system to ensure nothing bad creeps into the air flow of engine as it runs. The engine will be servicing he larger ZTR mower and need to deliver over 30 horse power. However, this shouldn’t be too challenging for the Subaru R&D team.


Author: Max Hinck

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